Phylicia Henry is a licensed Clinical Esthetician as well as manicurist in the state of New York. She was a recent provider at celebrity dermatology office; Skin Specialty Dermatology in New York. Phylicia has many years of experience working in the beauty industry with some of the most prestigious companies and individuals including singer Ashanti, Covergirl, Victoria’s Secret, Project Runway, Alicia Keys Foundation- Keep a child Alive and Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.

In 2011 Phylicia attained her B.A. in Sociology and African American Studies at CUNY Lehman College. She is the proud recipient of the Outstanding Minor in African American Studies Award and continues to work with women of color in her community as a beauty, self-esteem and image educator.

With her experience in the field, Phylicia is an authority on skin and nail care, together with overall beauty specializing in the treatment of all skin types. Along her journey in the industry, she founded The Black PEARL Program for young girls of color in inner city New York. Her knowledge of beauty and fashion trends for women of all ages, along with her work in the community gives her an edge over other skincare professionals. Phylicia’s style and talent in assisting her clients seeking simple and effortless beauty regimens has helped her on her road to becoming one of the most sought after beauty professionals in the industry.


Social Media Manager

Spadaque was born in the Haitian capitol of Port-Au-Prince and grew up in Brooklyn and Queens, New York. After graduating from Park West High school in Manhattan, he then went on to study Radio and Television Broadcasting from Brooklyn College where he received a bachelor of arts degree. He joined the Black P.E.A.R.L Program earlier this year as social media manager after being a music blogger for the now defunct My Social List music site. His goal is to help bring awareness of the program's positive self-esteem building message to a larger audience.


Lead Instructor/ Educational Advisor

Kelli-Ann Henry offers a wide variety of skills to members of the Black PEARL Program. With her MBA and background in the corporate sector, she is a role model  to The Black PEARLs and provides insight of what it takes to be college ready and how to get a head start on planning their career paths. Goal setting, time management, and a proactive approach to profitable relationships along with establishing professionalism is her philosophy for success.  In addition, as a Certified Personal Trainer and licensed Physical Education teacher (MAT Physical Education), Ms. Henry instills knowledge of life long wellness through sports, nutrition, and fitness. The Black PEARLs learn the areas of health issues that plague women of color and prevention through engaging activities and fitness sessions.