Toiletries-to- Go™  Campaign Mission


   Toiletries-to- Go™  Campaign Mission

Our mission is to provide products through the Toiletries-To- Go™ campaign to ensure young women of color across the globe have essential hygiene products to support and improve self-esteem/self- confidence.
In our work with The Black PEARL Program we see daily the importance of how key essentials like deodorant and soap can impact a young woman’s self-confidence. Through the Toiletries-to- Go™ Campaign we will distribute toiletries to young adults who are in need of key hygiene essentials while we are traveling abroad.
Donated toiletries are sorted and packed in individual zip lock bags. The zip lock bags allow for easy International transport in checked-in luggage or via advanced shipment to the destination. Packaging also allows for easy distribution to those in need.
Thank you in advance to those who donate to the Toiletries-to- Go™ Campaign.  Know that your donation will make a difference. 

What Should I Do with My Unused Toiletries?
If you are an avid traveler most likely you have spent your share of time enjoying hotel accommodations. Often times we return from our travels with a little collection of hotel amenities. Why not donate your toiletries to a young girl in need? Donate your toiletries to The Black PEARL Program Global Initiative.


What Toiletries Can I Donate?
In addition to the items listed below please feel free to donate other personal hygiene products.

 Shampoo
 Conditioner
 Soap
 Lotion
 Toothpaste and Toothbrushes
 Deodorant
   Sanitary Napkins
                                                                               Lip Gloss/Lip Balm                                                                           


 Where Do I Send My Toiletries?
  Mail all unused/sealed toiletries to:
The Toiletries-to- Go™ Campaign, PO BOX 740621, Bronx, New York 10474

When leaving a package please include your social media handles for a shout out on The Black PEARL Program page!