Black PEARL Goes GLOBAL


                            What is the Black PEARL Global Initiative?
Our mission is to ensure that every young girl of color is prepared to go out into the world over flowing with self-esteem and confidence. Selected lessons from our leading curriculum have  been refined and translated in Spanish, French and Portuguese. These selected lessons address the global implications of Eurocentric standards of beauty influencing the
way young women of color view their own beauty and self-worth.

The Founders along with volunteers of The Black PEARL Program will provide workshops across the globe in areas where it is imperative for young girls of color to learn they have a unique contribution to give to the world. We recognize there are many locations in need of our unique program however, often times lack of funds creates barriers for certain communities in purchasing needed educational materials. The Black PEARL Global initiative was crafted with the idea that our specialized curriculum must reach young girls on a global scale no matter the cost.

In addition to receiving our tailored curriculum our global participants will be provided with key hygiene essentials that every young girl should carry in her bag.